Jan 28

Car Valeting Care

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It starts with the right products!

It starts with the right products!

Chemex Farnborough and Guildford provides a wide rang of quality car valeting products in North East Hampshire and West Surrey. We supply directly to businesses in Aldershot, Godalming, Cranleigh, Alton, Guildford, Farnham and Petersfield.

The range of products that we offer are designed and formulated to make valeting faster, more cost-effective and safer and simpler to use. Valeting is not just about car washing and vacuuming. Any good valeter knows this. To professionally valet some vehicles can take the best part of a working day. This is a highly specialised job and the finished results will depend on the quality of the wide range of chemicals used in the cleaning process.

Our challenge to new customers is a simple one. Give us a call. We will drop round a few samples for you to try out and compare with what you are currently using. If you are satisfied we will then call on a regular basis and fulfil your requirements. We advise, assist and demonstrate how to get the best out of the products you us and we take a keen interest in your business. After all, if you do well - so do we.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of valeting and even provide product and COSHH awareness training for your staff which is all part of the service. In addition, we supply equipment for manual and automatic operation, including foam application, surface preparation and product dilution.

Complete the contact form or phone Malcolm Dixon on 07780 677452 to arrange a convenient 30 minute slot. We look forward to working with you.

Malcolm Dixon, 7 Newfield Avenue, Farnborough, Hants, GU14 9PG
Tel: 01252 675588, Mob: 07780 677452, Fax: 01252 675588

Jan 9

Hospitality Show - NEC

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If you are in the Hospitality or Food Service industry then be sure not to miss the Hospitality Show at the NEC on 19 - 21st January 2009. Take your business to new heights and don’t miss Hospitality, the UK’s leading event for foodservice and hospitality in 2009. For an in-depth easy-to-read preview on Hospitality 2009 check out NEW@HOSPITALITY

Hospitality is just around the corner so make sure you register now to deliver measurable success for your business.

With the hottest products, fascinating seminars and the prestigious Salon Culinaire competition, it’s the ‘must visit’ event for 2009 presenting everything you need to deliver measurable profits for your business.


Jan 8

Bus & Coach Cleaning

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Cost-effective, safer and simpler cleaning

Chemex has worked with the bus industry over the last 25 years to develop a comprehensive range of products that has resulted in making vehicle cleaning more cost-effective, safer, simpler and, with the latest products in the range, more environmentally acceptable.

There is an increasing awareness and demand for increased quality among consumers and Chemex believes that this can be achieved by recognising that service is a key factor in ensuring success. Our aim is to ensure that your organisation is well positioned to maintain high levels of quality and service that meet, and hopefully exceed, your customer’s expectations.

Time and again, it has been shown that improving your corporate image in this way assists in maintaining current coach and bus contracts and increases the likelihood of acquiring new contracts - with the resulting increase in turnover and profitability.

We offer expert advice on all aspects of bus and coach cleaning and even provide product and COSHH awareness training for your staff, all part of the service. In addition, we supply equipment for manual and automatic operation, including foam application, surface preparation and product dilution.

Chemex bus and coach care can assist you in maximising customer safety,reducing cross contamination and improving your corporate image. Internally, it can assist employee safety is asured throughout your organisation, in addition to providing you with cost savings - both in terms of product and staff time.

Whatever the size of your fleet, Chemex Bus and Coach Care helps you achieve cost-effective operational efficiency and meet exacting legislative controls with the its range of professional, high quality products and services.

Call us today to see where Chemex can add value to your business by implementing cost-effective solutions that maximise fleet investment, enhancing corporate image and increasing efficiency.

Let’s get it right from the outset

Complete the contact form or phone Malcolm Dixon on 07780 677452 to arrange a convenient 30 minute slot. We look forward to working with you.

Malcolm Dixon, 7 Newfield Avenue, Farnborough, Hants, GU14 9PG
Tel: 01252 675588, Mob: 07780 677452, Fax: 01252 675588

Jan 6

British Toilet Association

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In October 2008 the government published a report calling for local authorities to make efforts to reverse the trend in recent years of the declining number of public toilets. The report calls for strategy to make sure that public toilets are available for the general public and to increase the availability of public toilets managed by the local authorities.

When British citizens go abroad they are often faced with having to pay a fee to use the toilets or worse still, having to hunt around desperately to find somewhere to go. Tourists to Britain on the other hand would marvel at the availability of clean toilets maintained by the local councils so that citizens would always be sure that they could find a toilet when they needed it.

Enter the BTA. It stands for the British Toilet Association.  I wonder how many countries can claim to have their very own toilet association. The BTA want the government to provide adequate toilet facilities and insist on local authorities being made responsible for such provision. Additionally, the BTA will continue its campaign until the British public and visitors to the United Kingdom can enjoy and benefit from state funded public toilets when and where needed. Hurrah hurrah.

You can take part in this campaign, find out about the nations little room habits and the British Toilet Association by visiting www.britloos.co.uk/

Jan 6

Cleaning Show 2009

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The cleaning show 2009 is one of the most important cleaning events in the UK. The show opens at the NEC in Birmingham ( NEC ) on 10th March and closes on 12th March. The show is held every two years and is one of the UK’s largest business to business events. This is a vital show for anyone in the cleaning industry.

In addition to providing a professional environment for companies wishing to sell products and services, the Cleaning Show also provides an ideal networking environment and a chance to catch up with industry news and awards. Further details can be found at www.cleaningshow.co.uk

Jan 6

Van Heaters

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Just what have heaters got to do with Janitorial cleaning products. Well surprisingly quite a lot if you are a chemical supplier or operate a contract cleaning services company. Time and time again we here of problems with water or chemicals freezing whilst vans are left overnight in winter temperatures. However, if you transport water or water based products of any kind or operate a vehicle full of liquid products that can freeze at low temperatures there are things you can do to prevent this problem.

Many vehicle manufacturers will have professional heating appliances, particularly in diesel vans or trucks where the equipment will use the diesel fuel to power the unit and a thermostat to ensure that it operates and heats to a set temperature. Unfortunately this type of equipment is not cheap but there is an alternative.

Tubular frost heaters or frost heaters of the type that you find in some outbuildings such as sheds or greenhouses are absolutely ideal for making sure that the contents of your van do not freeze. They are designed for this purpose. They provide background heat at low wattage, keeping the temperature above freezing and therefore ensuring that your valuable chemical products or cleaning materials do not become frozen. The only thing you have to work out is how you get the electric to the vehicle. Normally an extension lead up in between the rubbers of the rear doors will suffice and still allow for the doors to be locked. Similarly this will need to find a way into your nearest power socket in your home.

These simple and effective tubular heaters do not use much electricity. You will only need to use them when the temperature is cold or when it looks as if it may freeze overnight. Personally I would fit mine with an electrical outlet similar to those used on camper vans so that I could just hitch up the electric easily when required. The unit itelf would then be a permanent fixture on the inside of the vehicle.

Dec 18

Burger Van Cleaning

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Countless articles have been written on advice and cleaning tips for restaurants and general catering establishments. However, there are many different types of food providers in the market place and mobile catering units seldom get a mention.

The organisation of a unit is often more difficult than operating a shop. Think about it. At your local take away you probably have several freezers, storage cupboards, constantly running water and flour and potato sacks and a host of appliances such as fryers, kebab machines, fridges, electronic tills. Within the confines of mobile catering all this has to be micro managed. You have less space, you must take the exact amount of stock for a days work and you have to be very careful about how you work from a health and safety perspective in such a small confined space. I admire anyone running a burger van or fish and chip shop mobile catering unit. They have to be very organised.

Since this website deals with tips and cleaning information you are probably wondering why burger vans should be in a category of their own? Well, they may not use cleaning and hygiene products that are any different to those which restaurants may use. However, they are more likely to use trigger sprays and ready to use cleaning agents simply because they have little storage space for tubs of concentrates.

Powerful cleaning products are needed for this kind of business. Within the confines of small spaces you don’t want to be messing around with low quality cleaning materials when time means money. At the end of a shift you want to be able to clean up and drive off.

In the top right hand side of the photo shown here you can see a string of trigger sprays all lined up ready to use. Closer inspection shows that this particular company are using Chemex, a West Midlands based company that is known for its powerful commercial cleaning agents.

Dec 17

FOG Treatment

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You are what you eat as they say. Your drains might suffer from what you don’t eat. Every day across the UK, thousands of catering establishments pour fats, oils, greases ( FOG ), and other organic waste materials straight down the sink. There are fairly hefty penalties now in the UK for polluting the drainage systems and sewers but legislation aside it could end up being expensive in plumbing costs.

Every time fat or grease is swilled down the drain with hot or warm water it solidifies as it moves through the pipes and cools down. Eventually it lines the inside of the drains and narrows the pipes. This in turn leads to an inefficient system with a potential flooding disaster in the making.

FOG is the word used to describe fats, oils and grease and its associated drainage issues. High levels of FOG can cause bad odours, become a health risk and lead to flooding. Much of the problem can be avoided by careful attention to dish washing, using drain strainers and chemicals or enzymes to prevent or unblock clogged drains.

Dec 17

Enzymatic Drain Cleaner

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Chemical and enzymatic drain cleaners are very easy to use. They are also fast acting and effective in clearing up drain blockages. In most cases there is no need to call out a plumber or use expensive equipment to clean the drains. However, it is important to understand your drain system and the sewer into which your waste flows. Using the wrong chemical drain cleaners can cause damage and even personal injury. Since commercial chemicals are stronger that their domestic counterparts you are advised to seek advice or at the very least - follow the manufacturers recommendations carefully.

Enzymatic drain cleaners help to remove obstruction or any restriction in the system. Their use can actually prevent problems in the first place since they tend to prevent blockages taking place. Blockages in catering establishments are generally caused through fat and grease deposits getting into the system.

Enzymatic drain cleaners react with organic material. They are non corrosive and contain bacterial cultures which break down fats and greasy deposits in the drainage system. These types of drain cleaners were originally used in septic tanks before their wider use as an effective and less environmentally damaging way of drain clearance or prevention from blockages.

Enzymatic drain cleaners are often used in conjunction with specialist equipment such as grease traps.

Dec 17

Bactericidal Hand Soap

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Bactericidal hand soap is specially designed for busy environments and particularly important in schools, catering establishments, leisure centres, hospitals, nursing homes and any communal areas where large numbers of people gather.

Bactericidal Hand Soaps are different to normal soaps in that they help to control the transmission of bacteria and any contamination. They clean but they also sanitise. There is a wide range of bactericidal products in the market place. Some are more stronger than others, many are fragranced, and they are generally all designed to be kind to the hands.

In large establishments the method of dispensing soap is normally via wall mounted dispenser units. However, they can also be purchased in small easy to handle containers with pumps fitted as shown in the photograph that goes with this article.

Soaps are a mixture of fats and oils which in themselves are of animal or vegetable extract. A wide range of different soaps exist. For instance dermatological soaps contain detergents and have good antibacterial properties. An antibacterial soap will remove most forms of bacteria from the skin.

Dirty hands can carry a wide range of microorganisms. E.coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis A virus are just some of the pathogens that can all be transmitted through poor hand hygiene.