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20th & 21st March 2009
Discover how to become your own boss at The British & International Franchise Exhibition this March. Get your free entry to the show using the Chemex promotion code: CX1 on offer at www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/

Franchising is a business model that enables you to become your own boss, but with the support of an established business and brand. Visit The British & International Franchise Exhibition at Olympia London on 20 & 21 March and discover a franchise show with exhibitors from a range of franchised businesses, each offering you the chance to transform your career and run your own business.

Receive genuine franchise advice

As the ONLY franchise exhibition whose exhibitors are all British Franchise Association (bfa) approved franchises, you can be sure that the franchise opportunities, franchise advice and business guidance you receive from our exhibitors meet the bfa’s standard.

This means that every exhibitor at this London Franchise Show is supported and approved by an independent self-regulating governing body for franchising.

Is this the franchise show for me?

Visit The British & International Franchise Exhibition and you will:

* Find hundreds of ways to transform your life and career
* Discover a range of franchises in different industries, all of which are bfa-approved
* Get reliable and genuine franchise advice
* Find out how to raise finance even in a challenging economy
* Speak to successful franchisees directly

For more information please visit: www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/

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