Feb 9

Environmental Issues

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Articles in the press recently have highlighted the impact of sending cleaning and hygiene products half way around the globe. Since many of these products contain mainly water, it is clearly unacceptable to continue exporting in this way. Firms are now looking at how they use water and assessing the impact on the environment.

Clearly the answer must lie in shipping concentrated products with water being added in the destination country. There will always be a market for high quality cleaning products that have a strong brand name and which are often better than those produced in the country to which they are being sent. However, more and more manufacterers are looking to set up plants locally in the host country rather than continue to ship high volumes of coloured bottled water!

Concentrated chemical products shipped in large plastic tubs or drums for bottling locally mean much less packaging and fewer carbon emissions. Less space is needed which in itself results in reduced fuel charges and again, lower emissions.

You could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is jumping on the band wagon. Yes, it is true, companies like to be seen as environmentally friendly. However, this is good news for the consumer.

Concentrated cleaning products mean a reduction in the transportation of water, less physical work in their movement in and out of storage, and more storage space released for other goods. It is a win win situation for the end user.

Chemex have been shipping concentrates overseas for years. Even in the UK we only deal with concentrated cleaning and hygiene products. Once delivered the customer just adds water.

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