Feb 4

Waste Disposal

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There is much talk these days of environmentally friendly products, no less so in the cleaning industry. However, waste disposal affects all types of business and not just the cleaning industry which has to deal with many different types of waste.

Disposing of waste and paying for cleaning up can be a substantial cost for your business. In labour terms alone the cost of disposing of waste and cleaning up afterwards is a burden on many a company. Without doubt, any reduction in waste will improve a companies bottom line.

Lets be clear what we mean by waste. We mean the raw materials that you buy. It doesn’t matter if we are talking food, paper or chemicals. If you can reduce your costs by being less wasteful you won’t have to wait long to notice the difference in terms of profit.

Setting procedures and guidelines in your company today could be one of the most important things you do this year. We can never expect zero waste but we can be intolerant of irresponsible usage. Apart from the savings that you will make for your company you will also be doing your best for the environment.

If you are in the cleaning business make sure that your staff know how much the materials that they use cost. Keep them up to date about improvements and cost savings and praise them for helping you and your company to use less product. If it helps, and if it is appropriate, fit dispensers and dosing equipment and control the usage of chemical cleaning products by checking the dilution rates used in every day cleaning environments. It is common practice for staff to add a little extra for good measure. Make sure they don’t.

Once you have established a clear routine in your company and you can see the clear benefit of waste saving exercises you might turn your attention towards your gas and electric bill, business insurance, vehicle supplier, trade suppliers etc etc. One day in the life of your business could change it forever!

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