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Grout cleaning tips

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Cleaning your grout has always been associated with getting on your hands and knees and painfully scrubbing away for hours and hours and the results were, at best, decent. It’s a tough process no doubt, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to do it yourself. Sure, you can hire a professional company to come in and do it for you but their prices can be outrageous, as they usually charge by the square foot.
If cleaning your grout is something you want done without your wallet feeling considerably lighter, doing it yourself is still an option. There have been many advances in grout cleaning and surprisingly no longer requires getting on your knees and doing some hard scrubbing. You can pick up an industrial-strength grout brush with a pole, and professional-strength grout cleaning solutions that lift up all of the dirt and grime accumulated.
Used together that means you can effectively clean your grout easily, without getting on your knees, whenever you want, without paying an arm and a leg to have people come out to do it for you.

Go around to your local home improvement stores and specialty cleaning stores and see for yourself. You can pick up a brush and cleaning solution for a fraction of the price of having a professional company come out. Do some research on the internet, there are stores that sell them as well and you can order from the comfort of your own home. Several good websites are which is a great resource for lots of do-it-yourself projects, has some good information and tips on methods to clean properly, and of course which is an excellent resource for pretty much anything.

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  1. Runcorn House Says:

    Recently a Chemex franchisee in Berkshire recommended a good bleach. He could easily have sold us specific products but was open and honest enough to just supply the bleach which worked a treat.

    The only thing he did advise was to open the windows and make sure the room was well ventilated. Its good to have this type of advise from someone local. We buy everything off them now and trust them implicitly.

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