Jan 6

British Toilet Association

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In October 2008 the government published a report calling for local authorities to make efforts to reverse the trend in recent years of the declining number of public toilets. The report calls for strategy to make sure that public toilets are available for the general public and to increase the availability of public toilets managed by the local authorities.

When British citizens go abroad they are often faced with having to pay a fee to use the toilets or worse still, having to hunt around desperately to find somewhere to go. Tourists to Britain on the other hand would marvel at the availability of clean toilets maintained by the local councils so that citizens would always be sure that they could find a toilet when they needed it.

Enter the BTA. It stands for the British Toilet Association.  I wonder how many countries can claim to have their very own toilet association. The BTA want the government to provide adequate toilet facilities and insist on local authorities being made responsible for such provision. Additionally, the BTA will continue its campaign until the British public and visitors to the United Kingdom can enjoy and benefit from state funded public toilets when and where needed. Hurrah hurrah.

You can take part in this campaign, find out about the nations little room habits and the British Toilet Association by visiting www.britloos.co.uk/

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