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Van Heaters

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Just what have heaters got to do with Janitorial cleaning products. Well surprisingly quite a lot if you are a chemical supplier or operate a contract cleaning services company. Time and time again we here of problems with water or chemicals freezing whilst vans are left overnight in winter temperatures. However, if you transport water or water based products of any kind or operate a vehicle full of liquid products that can freeze at low temperatures there are things you can do to prevent this problem.

Many vehicle manufacturers will have professional heating appliances, particularly in diesel vans or trucks where the equipment will use the diesel fuel to power the unit and a thermostat to ensure that it operates and heats to a set temperature. Unfortunately this type of equipment is not cheap but there is an alternative.

Tubular frost heaters or frost heaters of the type that you find in some outbuildings such as sheds or greenhouses are absolutely ideal for making sure that the contents of your van do not freeze. They are designed for this purpose. They provide background heat at low wattage, keeping the temperature above freezing and therefore ensuring that your valuable chemical products or cleaning materials do not become frozen. The only thing you have to work out is how you get the electric to the vehicle. Normally an extension lead up in between the rubbers of the rear doors will suffice and still allow for the doors to be locked. Similarly this will need to find a way into your nearest power socket in your home.

These simple and effective tubular heaters do not use much electricity. You will only need to use them when the temperature is cold or when it looks as if it may freeze overnight. Personally I would fit mine with an electrical outlet similar to those used on camper vans so that I could just hitch up the electric easily when required. The unit itelf would then be a permanent fixture on the inside of the vehicle.

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