Dec 18

Burger Van Cleaning

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Countless articles have been written on advice and cleaning tips for restaurants and general catering establishments. However, there are many different types of food providers in the market place and mobile catering units seldom get a mention.

The organisation of a unit is often more difficult than operating a shop. Think about it. At your local take away you probably have several freezers, storage cupboards, constantly running water and flour and potato sacks and a host of appliances such as fryers, kebab machines, fridges, electronic tills. Within the confines of mobile catering all this has to be micro managed. You have less space, you must take the exact amount of stock for a days work and you have to be very careful about how you work from a health and safety perspective in such a small confined space. I admire anyone running a burger van or fish and chip shop mobile catering unit. They have to be very organised.

Since this website deals with tips and cleaning information you are probably wondering why burger vans should be in a category of their own? Well, they may not use cleaning and hygiene products that are any different to those which restaurants may use. However, they are more likely to use trigger sprays and ready to use cleaning agents simply because they have little storage space for tubs of concentrates.

Powerful cleaning products are needed for this kind of business. Within the confines of small spaces you don’t want to be messing around with low quality cleaning materials when time means money. At the end of a shift you want to be able to clean up and drive off.

In the top right hand side of the photo shown here you can see a string of trigger sprays all lined up ready to use. Closer inspection shows that this particular company are using Chemex, a West Midlands based company that is known for its powerful commercial cleaning agents.

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