Dec 17

FOG Treatment

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You are what you eat as they say. Your drains might suffer from what you don’t eat. Every day across the UK, thousands of catering establishments pour fats, oils, greases ( FOG ), and other organic waste materials straight down the sink. There are fairly hefty penalties now in the UK for polluting the drainage systems and sewers but legislation aside it could end up being expensive in plumbing costs.

Every time fat or grease is swilled down the drain with hot or warm water it solidifies as it moves through the pipes and cools down. Eventually it lines the inside of the drains and narrows the pipes. This in turn leads to an inefficient system with a potential flooding disaster in the making.

FOG is the word used to describe fats, oils and grease and its associated drainage issues. High levels of FOG can cause bad odours, become a health risk and lead to flooding. Much of the problem can be avoided by careful attention to dish washing, using drain strainers and chemicals or enzymes to prevent or unblock clogged drains.

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