Dec 17

Enzymatic Drain Cleaner

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Chemical and enzymatic drain cleaners are very easy to use. They are also fast acting and effective in clearing up drain blockages. In most cases there is no need to call out a plumber or use expensive equipment to clean the drains. However, it is important to understand your drain system and the sewer into which your waste flows. Using the wrong chemical drain cleaners can cause damage and even personal injury. Since commercial chemicals are stronger that their domestic counterparts you are advised to seek advice or at the very least - follow the manufacturers recommendations carefully.

Enzymatic drain cleaners help to remove obstruction or any restriction in the system. Their use can actually prevent problems in the first place since they tend to prevent blockages taking place. Blockages in catering establishments are generally caused through fat and grease deposits getting into the system.

Enzymatic drain cleaners react with organic material. They are non corrosive and contain bacterial cultures which break down fats and greasy deposits in the drainage system. These types of drain cleaners were originally used in septic tanks before their wider use as an effective and less environmentally damaging way of drain clearance or prevention from blockages.

Enzymatic drain cleaners are often used in conjunction with specialist equipment such as grease traps.

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  1. beastypet Says:

    will it not continue to grow in the sewers?
    and make an biological polution?

  2. admin Says:

    You are correct this will continue to grow in the sewers while there is grease or fat for it to digest. The consequence of this is that the oxygen demand of the sewage is reduced. The bacteria are also harmless. In any event, this is a natural sewage treatment process.

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