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Rust and rust removal tips

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Inexpensive Solutions for High-Cost Rust Problems by Markus Skupeika

Rust can be found everywhere, your favorite accessories, bikes, gears, furniture, steel utensils, walls, even on concrete walls and a lot more to mention, we sometimes loose valuable objects because of rust stains, with out proper treatment or rust removers, rust build up on your objects might lead to serious problems causing the loss of your items, others say that rust is the hardest thing to remove, but don’t loose hope here are some rust removing tips, just follow the instructions carefully and see it for yourself.Let’s start with Fabrics:For cotton and linens; Rubbing liquid dishwashers or laundry detergent thoroughly into the stain can remove rust, just repeat the process and rinse with clean water, but if the rust still remains, test the colorfastness of the fabric, afterward use rust remover, follow the instructions carefully to have a better outcomes.

For Modacrylic, Nylons, Olefin, Polyester and Acrylic Fabrics

Applying Lemon juice can take out the stain, after squeezing it on to the stain let it there for around 20 minutes, but don’t let it dry, launder it of possible, rinse it afterward with clean water, repeat you are not convinced with the results, but its much better to use proper rust removal products.

For carpets either synthetic or wool

Lemon juice and salt can do the trick in taking out stains on your carpets, first you have to clean your carpet this way you can remove dust and some of its rust, you can now apply the lemon juice with salt, let it sit for 5 minutes until its dry, remove the lemon juice by blotting with white towels, dish washing detergent can also remove stains, scrubbing it makes the stains loosen up, if your not happy with the results you can repeat the whole process or try rust remover products.

And now the hard ones:

For Bricks, Granites and Concrete

Make a poultice containing 1 part of sodium citrate, 7 parts Glycerine (lime-free), 6 parts of warm water and powdered calcium carbonate (chalk) and there you go your own rust remover paste, just apply this paste to the stained area and wait until it hardens, use wooden scraper to remove the paste, repeat if necessary, wash the area thoroughly with clean water.

For Fragile objects:

Porcelain Dishes, Porcelain Fixtures and Ceramic Tiles

Put your Porcelain or Ceramic Fixtures on a tub (sink), wet scouring stick along with the pumice bar, and then rub the stains, I almost forgot, don’t use pumice stick on ceramic glasses found on cookware, this will scratch the surface, use borax instead and lemon juice, rub it on the stain, wait until its dry afterward rinse with clean water (dry it thoroughly with cloth).

Removing rust from metals

Stainless steels can still be affected with rust (even though it has the name stainless), rubbing it with a fine grade of emery paper followed with a slice of onions (rub onions too, Silly), rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly with soft cloth.

Old way elbow grease also can remove rust stains, but if you don’t have intentions of using it and prefer manual cleaning of rust, you may use a little help from sandpapers and other coarse products like steel wools, but this application may take a while, and the worse part is you might have lots of attempts if the rust occupies a great portion of the metal.

Another way is using baking soda, it’s a natural rust remover, mix baking soda with water to make a paste, just make sure that you made a pasty solution enough to adhere the surface, apply it on the metal and let it sit, wait until the rust loosen up, then scrub, if rust is too deep, apply other applications or use rust removal products, make sure that your using the right one.

Rust Stains is quite hard and almost impossible to remove, but after following some of my rust remover techniques you will find out that rust isn’t impossible to erase it just takes time and proper rust removal products.

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