Dec 17

Bactericidal Hand Soap

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Bactericidal hand soap is specially designed for busy environments and particularly important in schools, catering establishments, leisure centres, hospitals, nursing homes and any communal areas where large numbers of people gather.

Bactericidal Hand Soaps are different to normal soaps in that they help to control the transmission of bacteria and any contamination. They clean but they also sanitise. There is a wide range of bactericidal products in the market place. Some are more stronger than others, many are fragranced, and they are generally all designed to be kind to the hands.

In large establishments the method of dispensing soap is normally via wall mounted dispenser units. However, they can also be purchased in small easy to handle containers with pumps fitted as shown in the photograph that goes with this article.

Soaps are a mixture of fats and oils which in themselves are of animal or vegetable extract. A wide range of different soaps exist. For instance dermatological soaps contain detergents and have good antibacterial properties. An antibacterial soap will remove most forms of bacteria from the skin.

Dirty hands can carry a wide range of microorganisms. E.coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis A virus are just some of the pathogens that can all be transmitted through poor hand hygiene.

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