Dec 16

Oven Cleaning Tips

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Commercial oven cleaning is a chore that we could all do without. However hard we might try our ovens will need cleaning from time to time. You can prolong the time between cleans by simply being careful with spillages but in the end you will just have to resign yourself to the fact that your oven needs a good clean.

Many of the newer ovens are constantly cleaning themselves. They simply require a quick wipe over with a washing up liquid at the end of each day. Self cleaning ovens are also fairly common but many restaurants still use conventional ovens which require a lot more elbow grease. However, since we are not talking about domestic ovens there is no need to worry too much about calling in specialists to do the job. Commercial cleaning products these days are superb. Just make sure you buy the best you can obtain as anything else is just false economy.

Since commercial cleaning products are much more powerful than the domestic ones you will need to make sure you follow any manufacturers recommendations carefully. Generally speaking you should wear gloves to protect your hands. Due to the fumes given off by some chemicals you should only carry out this exercise in a well ventilated room. Make sure all doors and windows are open.

With domestic cleaners you are often instructed to leave the cleaner overnight or for several hours. You will then spend time scrubbing and rinsing to ensure that all the dirty deposits are removed and that the oven is thoroughly clean. Thankfully, with a good commercial oven cleaner you can have the job completed in double quick time. With some of the better quality products you can literally see the grime and smoke stains literally fade away.

One such product available from Chemex is a heavy duty degreaser and decarboniser. It is purely for professional use only so it is not widely available to the general public. The product is highly effective for removing burnt on grease, smoke and all carbon deposits. It works extremely quickly.

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