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Washroom Services

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Washroom services in larger establishments are generally provided by commercial cleaning suppliers. You don’t always have to pay for the installation of sanitary disposal units or components. Quite often a reputable provider will allow you to hire the dispensing equipment rather than go to the expense of purchasing it. So long as you continue to buy chemicals from the company you don’t have to pay for the equipment. This is a very cost effective way of getting your establishment kitted out properly.

Washroom services covers the whole spectrum of personal hygiene in washrooms. Sanitary and nappy disposal units, collection of waste, installation of air freshener units and paper dispensers are often all part of the service from a professional contractor. If you are lucky the provider will actually ensure that you are regularly stocked up and will even replace batteries in air fresheners and provide attractive toilet roll and soap dispensers.

Providing a quality washroom environment for your customers and staff should be a priority. Your establishment will be judged by the cleanliness of its washroom facilities. You really do owe it to your visitors.

A washroom can become a breeding ground for bacteria. We have all heard about MRSA and Norovirus and other contagious dieseases that can often be narrowed down to places of poor hygiene. Imagine going to a luxury restaurant, having an excellent meal and then being subjected to poorly attended toilets with bad hygiene control. How much of a recommendation will you give them if you are ill the very next day?

In the UK the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 places a duty of care upon organisations to ensure that any waste produced on any premises is properly managed right up until its point of final disposal.

The law is particularly clear with regard to disposal of all types of waste. Essentially, you must store it safely and securely and prevent it from causing pollution and harm to anyone. This means that sanitary dressings and nappy waste requires a discreet and professional service.

A full washroom service by a recognised provider will give you peace of mind and help you to meet the stringent regulations. Some contractors or suppliers even provide wall charts, staff training and all relevant documentation to ensure the smooth operation of washrooms.

So, next time you enter a catering establishment, whether it be a simple cafe or luxury restaurant, observe how well it has been cleaned. Is it free from bad odours, clean and hygienic and with adequate dispensers and hand towels or drying machines? What price do you put on your personal hygiene? What value does a restaurant have if it cannot even provide the most basic requirements of a safe and clean washroom?

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