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Altro Floor Cleaning

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Altro flooring is a hygienic non slip floor surface. You will find this type of surface in many quality establishments. It is easy to clean and very hygienic and a favourite of environmental health officers.

Altro floors are known for their safe and easy to clean qualities. They are also highly resistant to chemicals and bacteria and additionally they meet EU directives on health and hygiene. These floors are hard wearing and slip resistant. Although the surface appears smooth it offers an extremely high level of slip resistance when walked upon.

A combination of plastic vinyl and aluminium oxide grains, it is reinforced with glass fibre. It is slip resistant even when wet. Since the floors are heat welded when fitted they can appear seamless.

It is important to choose the right chemical products when cleaning this type of floor. Certain abrasive substances can cause damage to vinyl and should be avoided. Altro floors are reported to inhibit Staphylococcus Aureus ( MRSA ) and therefore extremely beneficial in any health care environment or residential homes.

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  1. Martin Sawyer Says:

    The school has Altro Flooring in the Design & Technology area which is very dirty. Can you advice on equipment and chemicals to clean

  2. admin Says:

    Chemex actually supply a product called powerkleen which can be applied using a mop and bucket at a dilution of 50:1. If a machine is used you will need to use a low foaming cleaner such as Chemex machine wash which is suitable for this purpose.

    Technical advice can be obtained by contacting a local Chemex representative or by phoning their head office on 0121 565 6300.

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