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Boat Cleaning

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Boat cleaning is not an easy topic. Where do you get advice on how to clean a yacht or a ferry boat? The fact is there are many types of craft that sail on rivers and the high seas and they differ considerably. Many are made from wood, metal or carbon fibre. The type of boat you have will to an extent determine the type of products that you use.

Firstly, boats generally cost a lot of money. They need regular maintenance like anything else. The type of water in which you use your boat i.e. inland fresh waterways, occassional close to coast trips or full sea going vessels all have different requirements.

If you are using contract cleaners you need to be sure that they are properly trained to the highest standards and that they specialise in boat cleaning. They will need to know all about the different types of upholstery used, the types of carpets, hard surfaces and external cleaning methods. The products that they use should be of the highest quality.

A cleaning team or dedicated cleaners carrying out work on your vessel can be expected to have the relevant COSSH sheets and some indication as to the fact that they are insured and trustworthy. After all, some luxury yachts and motor launches can cost more than an ordinary home and often contain personal valuables an electrical products which if damaged would be expensive to replace.

Boat Hull Cleaning

Most yachts and motor launches at some time require a complete ‘dry dock’ approach to external cleaning. It is only be winching the craft out of the water that the hulls can be washed and rinsed effectively and re-waxed professionally. Various products exist to ensure that a hull can be properly cleaned and maintained. Choose your products wisely.

There are so many different types of boats and hull designs that it would be impossible to cover the whole spectrum here. Concrete hulls are reinforced with steel so rust prevention and treatment chemicals are needed. The methods you use for wood depend on whether the framework is soft wood or hard wood.

Other boat products

Yachts will have products to ensure that the sails and rigging are treated and cleaned with properly. Soft wood hulls will have sealants and pitch that has different cleaning requirements to hardwood surfaces. Mould and salt damage will be treated by chemicals and fresh water craft are likely to need less maintenance than sea going vessels.

Many of the cleaning agents used in the interior will not differ very much from domestic applications although on larger vessels such as ferry boats superior quality commercial products will be used.

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