Dec 15

Static Caravan Cleaning

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Static Caravan cleaning is often carried out by sub-contractors. The time it takes to thoroughly clean a unit will vary considerably between each short term rental. A family of six with less than ideal cleaning and hygiene standards might leave your caravan in dire need of an interim deep clean whilst a concientious and careful couple renting it for two weeks may leave it in a cleaner state than when they occupied it.

Most static caravans which are rented on major caravan parks are cleaned quite quickly and efficiently by the park operators own staff or their appointed contract cleaners. You will find much debate on the internet about the time it takes to clean a unit and the types of products recommended. However, if you own a static caravan and let it out via your holiday park you will be charged a fee for each clean. This can vary from £20 - £30 plus for each rental period.

The materials used in a typical static caravan clean will be similar to those that domestic cleaners use in an ordinary home - with one big difference - they will be using better quality commercial cleaning agents.

Whether you are commercial cleaning contractor or an owner letting out your holiday home you will want to know that the best efforts are being made to ensure that your investment is being well cared for. This doesn’t mean skimping on the quality of the cleaning products. Buy the best you can afford and not only will this save you time and money in the long run, it will also impress your customers - the holiday makers upon which you rely on.

A deep clean, normally once a year, involves a thorough and comprehensive cleansing of your unit. Materials used will involve powerful oven cleaners, toilet cleaners, carpet shampoos, upholstery cleaners, surface polishes, anti-bactericidal cleansers, glass cleaners and floor cleaners. Additionally, the exterior of the caravan will be treated to a full body wax and the rubber trims and external fittings will be cleaned and polished to ensure that the home is presented in its full glory in readiness for the holiday makers.

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