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Caravan Cleaning

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Caravans or motor homes are often laid up for long periods at a time, particularly in the winter months. The methods of storage and care vary but essentially winter maintenance is extremely important both from a mechanical point of view and for the long term care of your caravan or motor home.

The most obvious problem with storing any caravan or motor home involves just keeping it clean. Bird droppings and rotting leaves will not only make your holiday home unattractive, it will, if left too long, cause damage to the paintwork and rubber trim.

There are a wide range of chemicals for cleaning and waxing the exterior of your holiday home. An appropriate and good quality polish at the end of the season will certainly protect the surface and bodywork. Applying a light covering of silicon grease over the rubber trim will also help to preserve and protect it.

Even if your vehicle is stored for long periods of time you should make sure that it is moved regularly and in the case of motor homes, given an occassional run to ensure that the engine and moving parts are given the chance to loosen up and work as they should do.

Due to their size motor homes are generally cleaned with a good quality brush which will help you to reach the tall sides of the vehicle. Your ladder should also be rubber mounted and stable when cleaning the roof area. Pressure washers can also be a great way of cleaning the bodywork with the minimum of effort.

The cleaning materials used on a caravan and a motorhome are not much different to those you would use for car valeting. However, general cleaning materials are used more extensively in the interior where specialist products are likely to include kitchen and toilet cleaners, oven cleansers and floor cleaners.

One of the common mistakes people make when storing their vehicles or caravans is to forget to drain the water. At the end of the season you should make sure that all toilet waste is emptied along with the water tanks. Almost all caravans and motor homes have drain plugs for this purpose so you should familiarise yourself with the individual characteristics of your particular home.

Caravans and motor homes can be prone to dampness if not cared for properly. Giving a motor home a good run on the open road will help to alleviate this problem. If you do not wish to tow or drive your vehicle during the winter months then consider using a fan heater to heat the interior for a couple of hours. This will help remove any accumulated damp.

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