Dec 12

Aircraft Cleaning

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Aircraft Cleaning is a specialised subject and work that is carried out by professional contract cleaning companies. An important aspect of aircraft maintenance that is often overlooked is one of security. However specialised you are, unless you have been vetted and are part of a credible organisation then the likelyhood of you getting onto the airport apron are slim indeed.

Commercial airlines used to rely on traditional wet wash methods which relied on pressure washers or hoses to clean the external aircraft body. However, the trend in recent years has switched to dry washing which is more environmentally friendly. It is generally accepted that this method is kinder on paintwork, reduces friction on the aircraft and can even increase fuel efficiency.

Working on an airfield apron is not without hazards. Professional cleaning companies are careful to ensure that health and safety standards are adhered to and that safety equipment is worn at all times.

Naturally, any aircraft will also require internal cleaning, particularly if it is a passenger aircraft. Particular attention is needed when cleaning the cockpit in order to avoid spillage or chemicals seeping into control panels or sensitive areas of the aircraft where damage may occur or accidents may be caused without professional attention to detail.

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