Dec 12

Truck Cleaning Products

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The problem with truck cleaning or TIR road haulage companies is the diversity of the types of vehicles involved. Whilst many of the chemicals used will be powerful cleaning agents, generally diluted and applied with powerful jet washers, each transport company will have its own individual requirements.

Regular transport fleets often contract out the vehicle cleaning work. This often gives them little control over the effectiveness of the types of chemicals used in the cleaning process. Larger firms will be far more organised in their approach, either insisting on certain procedures being carried out or even instructing their contracts to use particular products.

Why is this so important? Surely cleaning products for truck cleaning can’t be that different? Nothing could be further from the truth. What you buy for your fleet will either make you stand out from the crowd or lacking in health and safety regulations depending on your particular nature of business.

For example, if you operate a tanker fleet of food tankers then your cleaning requirements in terms of chemicals will be completely different to that of a fleet of cement mixers. Road haulage companies will have vehicles with tarpaulin covers that need different treatment from those with metal casings. Refrigeration vehicles carrying meats or dairy products will again operate under entirely different circumstances.

Many commercial vehicle cleaning contractors, especially in the larger towns and cities, operate onsite or mobile steam cleaning units. Some will have extremely specialist cleaning equipment. Commercial vehicles range from light vans to agricultural equipment and specialist machinery vehicles. All have a wide range of individual cleaning methods and materials.

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