Dec 12

Coach and Bus Cleaning

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Cleaning coaches and buses effectively requires professional equipment, often in the form of powerful jet washing machines and sometimes drive through bus and coach washing stations. Both of these methods involve powerful cleaning agents that get the job done with the minimum amount of effort by the operator.

Chemex supply a superb range of cleaning and janitorial products for bus and coach valeting and to the wider automotive industry. The existing range will enable operators to deal with all of the common problems associated with public transport and executive hire coaches and buses.

From Chassis cleaners to TFR’s, interior and exterior cleaning agents, the diverse product range also caters for the awkward problem of spillages, including beer, alcohol, blood, vomit and urine. Supplied in powder form the RTY240 powder is a favourite of cab drivers who need to ensure that their vehicles can cope with sudden emergencies and soiling that needs to attended to immediately.

Vandz Off removes graffiti, Ink and adhesive remover in the form of aerosols is fast and effective to use and self freeze C.G.R. lifts chewing gum with ease.

The Chemex bus and coach range also includes powerful glass cleaners, products that are particularly effective against HIV, E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. The Antibak product is particularly effective against MRSA and C-diff spores and therefore used extensively in ambulances and care vehicles for deep cleaning purposes.

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