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Car Cleaning Products

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Car cleaning products are available from automotive centres, local garages and dedicated stores which offer a very wide range of products in terms of quality and price. Here in the UK it is not unknown to spend £20 - £25 on some car polish, wheel trim restorer, tyre black and dashboard spray. The car polish might last two or three times, the wheel trim restorer and tyre black normally a couple of times and the dashboard spray a little longer.

We are passionate about our vehicles. We lavish them with foamy car wash treats at the weekend and pamper the with a full polish at least once a month. For those with a little more money to spend there is the car valeter. Ever wondered how they are able to get the finish a lot better than you can?

Car valeters just don’t go down to the local automotive centre and buy a few spray cans or small bottles of polish. They couldn’t afford to do that and neither could you afford to pay for the finished result if they did. A professional car valeter uses commercially available trade cleaning products specially designed for car showrooms or vehicle retailers. Not for them the incessant rubbing down with a cloth, the three hour car polish marathon that some people insist on putting themselves through. No, they can do better than you can because they know how.

These guys have all the tools at their disposal. Powerful cleaning agents that work a treat with the minimum of effort. Commercial stain removers and enhancers that put the colour back in those faded seats. When you see a commercial car valeter at work you cannot help but notice the difference in the equipment they use and the finish that they achieve.

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  1. Lane and Lane Valeting Says:

    Try Chemex valeting products. Probably amongst the best you can buy. They do a great job and are ideal for professional car valeters.

    David Lane, Ashchurch

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