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Ink Stain Removal

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I used to work for oral surgeons and part of my job was to wash their scrubs. Seems to me doctors don’t spend much time making sure their pockets are empty so sometimes they would leave a few items in their pockets. Unfortunately, sometimes it could be pens they have used to write out their prescriptions. It may have gone unnoticed until they went through the washing machine.

Scrubs are pretty expensive, so it got pretty discouraging to see them come out of the wash with ink spots on them. I discovered a very simple product that could be used on them if the stains were not too bad. Believe it or not, it’s hair spray. When you discover an ink spot on the clothing after being washed, (you’ll probably find the pen in the lint trap) don’t attempt to put the clothing in the dryer or the heat will set the stain in for good. Wait until the article of clothing is partially air dried but still damp to the touch and get a hold of some hair spray. Most every work place has a receptacle that holds personal objects for employees, so ask around.

Take the article that has the ink spot on it and place a paper towel underneath it. Now lightly spray it with the hair spray until the spot is covered. Let it soak in for a minute or two and then start blotting with another paper towel. Don’t rub! Blot it. You’re going to see some of the ink spot on the paper towel. There’s the first process. Make sure you change both paper towels often so you don’t “spread” the ink instead of it being absorbed into the paper towels. You now should gently rinse the spot. You’re going to repeat the process until you see little to no ink spot remaining. You then should hand wash the article of clothing using mild soap.

This process saved quite a few scrubs. Another handy thing you can try is nail polish remover repeating the same process. Nail polish contains acetone which seems to help in removing small ink stains. Good luck!

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