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Finding a Provider

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You are probably here looking for cleaning and hygiene products or general janitorial tips. Share your ideas and ask your questions. What sort of experiences have you had with local providers. How good is their service and how do you rate their products?

Set aside a few minutes to read this article in full and you might be pleasantly surprised. We only supply business-to-business and our products are not for the domestic market. However, we will use the domestic market to highlight a few home truths.

The Domestic Market

Over time we have all tried and tested a wide range of products in our homes. Often we will have economised and bought cheap washing up liquid, grown tired of its weak and ineffective cleansing qualities and returned to our favourite Fairy.

We will have bought the economy brand of bleach from the local supermarket. After all, bleach is bleach isn’t it? Obviously not because you inevitably returned to the one that kills all known germs dead.

What lessons have we learned here? Experience tells us that inferior quality is often false economy. The cheap and cheerful end of the market place means more elbow grease, more time and effort and less impressive results. The same logic applies to business. Do you really want to buy inferior products? We think not.

It is generally accepted that commercial cleaning products are much better than their domestic counterparts. This stands to reason. A commercial environment is more demanding. Time is of the essence, and today’s business needs cutting edge products that do exactly what they say on the label. Anything less is totally unacceptable.

Janitorial Products for Business

So what might you be looking for in a cleaning and hygiene products provider? Well we don’t expect you to get excited by our products. Realistically we know that you just want the best for your business at a price you can afford. You want to know that your supplier can provide a comprehensive product range covering almost everything you will ever need. You want results.

We all have an idea of what quality is all about. It is the difference between walking into a public house, ordering your pint and being served with a plain dull and almost cloudy pint glass of beer or sitting at your favourite restaurant where the glasses almost shine as if they were new. Well, we know how to make that one work. It’s all down to the chemicals used.

Your busy take-away needs powerful grease removers and cleansers and you want to know that any harmful bacteria are really disposed of when you clean up late at night. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have no fear when the local environmental health officer calls and gives you the thumbs up for such an outstanding level of cleanliness and hygiene in your establishment.

Why do some nursing homes and care establishments smell so awful? They should, and indeed could, be no different from a first class hotel. There is no excuse for not using the right chemicals.

Why do the second hand cars on the quality car showrooms forecourt always look so well cared for and new? Why can you never get your own car looking so good? Traders know that it is all down to the chemicals used in the valeting process. You can’t buy this quality at the auto accessories shop down the road.

When was the last time you thought about what sort of a deal you are getting? Is it all about price? Is price everything you look for? If so you could be really missing out. When was the last time you tried a really good market leading product?. Surely your business is worth it?

If you run a hotel, are involved in catering, personal hygiene, garage, transport or operate a nursing home, or indeed any business where your customers deserve the best available, we could be just what you are looking for.

Finally, if you are used to purchasing on price alone – consider this. That 5 litre tub of washing up liquid you last purchased might have been half the price of ours. However, we think ours might last an awful lot longer - and do a better job.

Quality and added value

All this is meaningless isn’t it? You don’t know us and we don’t know you. Perhaps not. We supply thousands of businesses like yours up and down the UK and across Europe.

In choosing a good cleaning and hygiene provider you start with the product quality. After that its all down to the added value such as free local delivery, free staff training, free wall charts and health and safety advice and a complete record system in the form of a cleaning and hygiene control programme tailored specifically for your business.

There’s more. With local depots and fast response you don’t need to worry about stock levels. Your local Chemex supplier can also provide dispensers and dosing equipment, ancillaries and a whole host of commercial equipment.

Our franchisees know a thing or two about cleaning. It’s good to have a friendly local provider who is running their own business under a nationally recognised brand, passionate about service and quality, and proud of what they do for their customers. If you have all this already then you are in safe hands.

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