Dec 9

Hospitality Cleaning

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BACTICLEAN safely cleans and sanitises plastics and all hard surfaces and is particularly effective on body fats, grease and grime. It has a pleasant perfume and has been independently tested to prove its effectiveness against a range of bacteria.

- Removes grime and grease

- Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces

- Long lasting, pleasant fragrance

- Highly economical in use

This product, available from Chemex is for general-purpose use in all areas. Invaluable in a wide range of businesses including hospitals, schools, universities, colleges and hotels. Particularly effective at removing grime and body fats in bathrooms.

The main uses of this general purpose product is in washrooms, showerooms, bathrooms and communal areas. It is particularly effective with water stains on shower curtains, cleaning grout and ceramic tiles and even for use as a general floor cleaner.

Supplied in concentrate format it is therefore cost effective to use and can be diluted and used with a trigger spray, mop or brush.

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