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Green Cleaning

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Green cleaning refers to environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and hygiene. Green cleaning products are supposed to avoid the use of harmful and toxic chemicals in their production. However, there are very few companies that can really claim to be using green products. More often than not there is an element of marketing hype involved.

Almost all cleaning products are not completely safe. If you are pouring chemicals down your drain, even if the product is derived from natural substances, there is still the risk of pollution or contamination. Quite often producers will advertise their products purely on the basis that they are biodegradable or non toxic. Whilst this is useful information to have it doesn’t necessarily mean much on its own.

Use cleaners that contain phosphates sparingly and remember that although they biodegrade quickly they are not good for rivers and lakes, causing algae to grow much more quickly which in turn blocks sunlight and cuts off the oxygen supply.

A responsible manufacturer will provide information about their products along with the relevant health and safety data. In balancing your environmental consience against effectiveness of the products this is one area where you may come unstuck. Chemicals for commercial cleaning are designed to do the job well. However, by virtue of their very nature chemicals can be nasty substances.

One of the best ways to minimise your impact on the environment is to purchase your chemicals from a local supplier who can advise and assist with your staff training and provide useful assistance with dispensing. You should purchase your chemicals in concentrated form and not in trigger sprays or bottles where they have been watered down. Professional suppliers will generally supply highly concentrated liquids in 5 litre bottles rather than in any other format. All the customer then has to do is add water at the right dilution rates. This is much more environmentally friendly and certainly more cost effective.

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