Dec 9

Cheap Washing up Liquid

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Do you really want a cheap washing up liquid? Think again.

There are numerous brands of washing up liquid in the UK. They nearly all take the form of a foaming mixture of surfactants which have been specially designed to be kind to your hands.  All are designed for hand washing of your cooking, crockery and cutlery utensils.

Washing up liquids allow the soap to run off the dishes and the soap is harmless and tasteless. Common practice in the UK is to allow soapy dishes to just drip dry although many people prefer to rinse them under running water. A tea towel is another method used to speed up the drying process although tea towels are not necessarily the most hygienic method of drying your dishes.

Buying a cheap washing up liquid is nothing short of false economy. A cheap washing up liquid simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Not only do you end up using excessive quantities just to do the job but it often doesn’t do the job well at all. In the domestic market the consumer always returns to their favourite “fairy” once they have become tired of the cheaper and less efficient brands.

In the commercial market place the washing up liquids tend to be stronger. Again, avoid the cheaper brands that are so diluted as to render them inaffective. Where time and money is important you should invest in the best that you can afford. It will pay dividends in the long run.

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