Dec 8

Is this a good idea? Can I use ordinary washing up liquid to clean my car?

People do use washing up liquid to clean their cars. However, this is not advisable and any self respecting car valeter would be quick to point out that washing up liquid is specially designed for crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.

Washing up liquid contains sodium chloride which is a salt. This is used to add to the viscosity of the liquid which may also contain amonia. Since we all know that salt and metal does not work well together this is a very good reason why you would not want to use this on your car bodywork. Over time it will damage your paintwork and cause oxidisation.

By contrast, a dedicated car shampoo contains all the right ingredients for that perfect automotive wash. The shampoo will remove salts, get rid of tar and traffic film and general dirt in the way it was designed to specifically for car and vehicle bodywork.

A car or vehicle shampoo will not strip the wax from your car and some high quality shampoos even help to wax your vehicle and leave it with a protective shine.

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