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FAD - Food Degreaser

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This triple action food degreaser is used for cleaning and sanitising food contact areas. Specially designed to remove food and animal fats it is very effective against grease and grime.  The products has been tested and proven against MRSA, Aspergillus niger, E.coli, Listeria sp, Salmonells sp. and Staphylococcus aureus.

Typical customers using this product will include abattoirs,  butchers shops, bakeries, dairies, canning factories, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, farms and haulage companies.  Also highly effective on marble, terrazzo and most hard surfaces.

This product is non-caustic and non tainting. The results are immediate and last for 24 hours. FAD, which is also a deodoriser , can be used for light or heavy soiling since it is diluted. Used with a pressure washer this is a very effective solution and a market leader in terms of quality and results.

Supplied by West Midlands based Chemex

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