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This particularly unpleasant virus can manifest itself in restaurants, schools, hospitals, residential homes and a host of other communal establishments. Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for this apart from preventing dehydration in the patient if symptoms are severe.

Norovirus is transmitted from person to person through vomit, dairrhea and contaminated hands or by touching contaminated areas. Food or water can be contaminated with this virus and the illness will cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Recovery time is around 2 - 3 days.

Isolation of infected persons can help to contain spread of the virus and the right form of hygienic hand disinfection will also assist. Residential care homes and hospitals need to be very careful to ensure that clothing is washed regularly, disposable gloves are worn by carers and that all personal laundry and bed linen is isolated including special care with cutlery and crockery.

Disinfectant in sanitary areas should be carried out daily in addition to a thorough cleansing of all hard surfaces, equipment and fixtures and fittings.

Generally Norovirus in itself is not life threatening. However, it is particularly unpleasant and every effort should be made to keep this virus away from those who are already ill or the elderly.

Further information can be found on the NHS website.

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