Dec 8

Smoke Clean

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Are you looking for a powerful carbon remover designed for professional use only? You might try the highly effective Smoke Clean product from Chemex. This is a powerful carbon remover which is designed for professional use only.

This is very effective in dealing with burnt on grease and all types of smoke and carbon deposits. Many similar chemicals take a lot of elbow grease before the job is done. With Smoke Clean it works instantly and is advertised as a heavy duty degreaser and decarboniser.

The product is ideal for busy commercial environments and is used extensively for cleaning ovens and grills.

It is odourless and there are no fumes. Smoke Clean is sprayed onto the area that needs cleaning, normally via a trigger spray. Where heavy soiling occurs it is adviseable to leave it to soak and then wash off with either cold or hot water prior to wiping down.

Although primarily designed for use on ovens, griddles, steel canopies, curing trays and smoke racks, Smoke Clean can also be used for de-carbonising burner units and industrial smoke stacks. It is safe to use on cleaning surfaces and equipment that comes in contact with food. It is not meant to be used on aluminium.

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