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Hand Hygiene

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Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective methods of preventing illness. There are different products available to clean your hands. Everyone has come across a bar of soap but what do hand sanitizers , wipes and foaming hand soaps do? Each has its own benefit and within each product and category there are different fragrances and ingredients.

Bar Soaps - these basically clean the skin by removing dirt and oils. They are the most common form of hand hygiene. Soaps often contain fragrances and sometimes moisturisers.

Hand Sanitisers - These actually kill the germs on your hands and they do this without the need for water or towels.

Liquid Hand Soaps - These usually come designed to be dispensed by dosing equipment. They are a familiar sight in washrooms and large establishments.

Wipes- These wipe dirt from the hands and do not require water or towels.

Antibacterial v non-antibacterial

The soaps and hand sanitizers with antibacterial properties are specially designed to provide added protection in killing germs. Therefore, in food preparation, hospitals and other potentially infectious environments, the use of antibacterial products is important.

Hand sanitizers are often not very effective for removing dirt so whilst they might manage to kill germs on the hands they are often a poor substitute for soap and water.

Particularly when using commercial cleaning products you should refer to the instructions for use. The right dilution rates and dispensing equipment is a major factor in their effectiveness.

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