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Pub Cleaning

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pub grub and food hygiene standards in the UK

There’s no grub in this pub!!

In the hospitality industry good hygiene control is equally as important as good food which is why chemex have developed a range of cleaning products to suit all applications within your business.

Our food and catering range includes cleaning products for front of house, kitchens, washrooms and offices. Here are just a few products from our range:

Optimum C - Heavy Duty Degreaser and Decarboniser
Removes fat, starch, sugars, animal wastes and carbonised burnt-on-grease. Particularly effective on deep-fat fryers and in ovens.

FAD - Food Area Degreaser
Safely cleans and sanitises food contact areas and quickly removes food, fats, grease and grime.

Machine Wash - Economical Low Foam Detergent
For use with industrial plate and traywash machines, floor scrubbing, and pressure washing machines.

Glasswash Detergent - Automatic Glass Wash Detergent
Odourless and tasteless, low -foam glass wash detergent for automatic machines.

One-Up - Highly Concentrated Washing Up Liquid and Detergent
Highly concentrated washing up liquid which can be used in any situation where an excellent  general purpose cleaner and degreaser is required.

Purple Beerline Cleaner - Beer Pump and Line Cleaner
Effectively sanitises beer lines and pump without affecting beer head. Colour indicator: Geen = Dirty / Purple = Clean

BIO-GD - Biologiical Grease Degrader and Drain Treatment
Prevents grease and fat build up whilst eliminating blockages and odours in drainage systems

Smokeclean - Heavy duty decarboniser and degreaser
Highly effective for removing burnt on grease and carbon deposits. Ideal for kitchen equipment including ovens, smoke ovens, grills and steel canopies.

Food Standards Agency With the introduction of new food hygiene laws and longer opening hours the need to use high quality cleaning products is more important than ever. With over 25 years experience Chemex is the name you can trust to take care of all your cleaning products and equipment requirements.
Front of House cleaning applications For front of house applications in bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels we have a range of commercial strength hard surface cleaners, air fresheners, glass cleaners and polishes. We understand that high quality professional cleaning and maintenance products delivered at the right price, at the right time, is crucial to the sucess of your business - and ours!
hygiene control in public houses Our Hygiene Control Programme for kitchens has been designed to make sure that your food handling areas are maintained to the standards required by current legislation. The system is as flexible as possible, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. In addition, the programme ensures that there is an audit trail of the cleaning which has taken place, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your customer’s needs.
Washroom hygiene services For washroom areas we can offer an unbeatable range of cleaning products and dispensing equipment. Our range of soaps and hand sanitisers contain anti-bacterial properties when the highest standards of cleanliness are of paramount importance. All our biocidal hand care range has been tested at independent microbiological laboratories to give you complete piece of mind in their effectiveness and reliability.
Pub food and eating house hygiene standards Bactericidal detergents, beer pump cleaners, descalers and degreasers are just a few of the products which are formulated to meet the highest environmental standards. Our products are independently assessed to satisfy the strict hygiene controls in the catering and food handling sector.

Chemex supply a wide range of cleaning products and equipment for the food and catering , health and leisure and automotive industries.

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