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Fish & Chip Shops

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Fish & Chips

The great traditional fish and chips is one of the most popular fast foods in the UK. Originally it was a cheap food which was popular with the working classes. Today it is an accepted part of traditional British Cuisine and often the most missed food for British Nationals living overseas.

Trawler fishing in the North Sea during the nineteenth century produced catches of large quantities of cheap fish for the mass-market. The British ‘chippy’ traditionally serves cod or haddock along with chips, not to be confused with the American version of fried potato referred to as French Fries.

The quality and variety of fish and chip shops in the UK vary considerably. This is mainly due to the fact that most fish and chip shops are independent small businesses.

The location of your town and city can often dictate the quality of the fish served. If you live by the coast in a fishing town the chances are that you know of a good fish and chip shop that sells fresh local fish. Additionally some establishments go to great lengths to get their fish shipped overnight from fishing ports in order to sell the very best fresh fish. The majority of fish and chips shops these days prepare their fish from frozen fish which is often imported from places such as Norway.

Not  all fish and chip shops are independent. Harry Ramsden’s, Mr Cod and Deep Blue are three franchise operations or chains that exist in the UK.  However, it is worth pointing out that  around 25% of all white fish consumed in the UK is purchased from independent fish and chip shops.

Many people will recall fish and chips being served with an inner layer of white paper sheet and an outer wrapping of newspaper. Unfortunately this practice ended in the late 1970’s with legislation being introduced and it was banned in the interests of hygiene. So much for recycling then.

On the subject of recycling, much of the used chip fat from take aways in the UK is recycled and contributes to the making of bio diesel.

Chemex supply many types of fish and chips shops in the UK, all with their own individual needs and requirements. Cleaning materials and hygiene control plays an important role in the smooth operation of catering establishments.  Our distributors operate from local centres and are very experienced in working with chip shop and fast food outlets.

A visit from a Chemex franchisee can be of great benefit to any food establishment. Concientious advice,staff training, the use of the appropriate chemicals and a complete hygiene and stock control programme will be invaluable.

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