Jun 11

Swine Flu - June 2009

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Cases of the virus H1N1 - misleadingly called swine flu – continue to escalate in the UK with forecasts that the virus will spread rapidly this autumn.

The Department of Health reported on May 31st that the cases had now reached 200 with more expected.

This view was reinforced by Prof John Oxford of Queen Mary School of Medicine, University of London who was reported in The Daily Telegraph as saying there was likely to be a flu pandemic as autumn begins.
He warned that a pandemic was likely to affect the UK before a vaccine becomes available, adding that the vaccine - which is expected to be ready in October or  November - would only cover about 15 per cent of the population.

The World Health Authority has raised the level of pandemic alert to five – one below the level for an actual pandemic outbreak.

The good news for Chemex customers is that we have a range of products that will all kill the virus and help businesses build up a defensive shield against it.

Chemex has a comprehensive range of disinfectants and hand hygiene products. Some businesses have started a regime of supplying hand sanitizing gels for their meeting rooms to stop the spread of the virus through shaking hands.

Our products include FAD, Bacticlean, Bacticlean XTRA and Bacteria X . These are all based on quats and will easily kill this type of virus.

Use these products at the normal in-use dilutions. Spray on and wipe off to clean and sanitise hard surfaces.

The virus is also killed by products such as Bactiwipes, Safe Hands and Safe Wash  and by alcohols such as ABC.

These products are in high demand and we recommend ordering in advance to ensure guaranteed supply.

The Health Protection Agency’s advice is that good general infection control practices and good respiratory hand hygiene can help to reduce transmission of all viruses, including H1N1. This includes:

• Stay at home if you have flu-like symptoms
• Covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, using a tissue when possible
• Disposing of dirty tissues promptly and carefully
• Maintaining good basic hygiene, for example washing hands frequently with soap and water to reduce the spread of the virus from your hands to face or to other people
• Cleaning hard surfaces (e.g. door handles) frequently using a suitable sanitiser
• Making sure your children follow this advice.

Further Information is available via the Health Protection Agency (www.hpa.org.uk) or the Chemex Technical Team on 0121 56 56 300.