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Mention the word warewasher outside of a commercial environment and people will stare at you blankly. Warewashers are dishwashers, glasswashers and utensil washers. Warewasher is the collective name used for all of this equipment.

Busy restaurants, hotels and catering establishments would be lost without this equipment. They need a continuous supply of clean crockery and cutlery and they need commercial equipment that is up to the job.

Purchasing this equipment can be a considerable investment for any business. In terms of selection and make there are many things to consider including the energy and water efficiency of the units and their volume of throughput.

There are various types of warewashers. Examples include cabinet glasswashers and dishwashers which tend to be small front loaders which fit under benches or kitchen tops. These are OK for smaller establishments but much more powerful and faster machines are available.

Rack conveyor dishwashers are the largest of such machines. They can deal with incredibly large volumes with an uninterupted flowthrough whilst in operation. Flight washers use a conveyor belt type arrangement but still work on the same principle of continuous washing.

Choosing a warewasher on price alone is not a sensible option. Look carefully at the needs of your establishment, its volume in terms of washing up and the chemicals that it will use. Green washers are becoming ever more popular but be wary of those claims to be green that are often little more than advertising blurb.

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Warewash and Glasswash

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First Impressions

Chemex dishwashing products give you spotless, odour-free cutlery, clean crockery and crystal clear glassware. Table linen and furniture products ensure that evry point of customer contact is a positive experience, each and every time they visit.

The Chemex health-check includes:

- Ongoing training of washware staff

- Provision and maintenance of dosing equipment

- Monthly health check of warewash and glass wash machines - descaling, bacteria removal, nozzles unblocked, dosing levels checked and filters cleared.

- Provision of product

Outcomes for you

Protect and safeguard your business - maintain your reputation by delivering the service your customers expect. Control and minimise your costs.

Clean, dry tableware on time, every time

Large or small, your kitchen depends on the smooth running of your warewashing machine for an efficient supply of sparkling clean and hygienic tableware, pans and utensils.

Efficiency and speed

By minimising the need for re-wash and the risk of downtime due to accidents, the Chemex non-corrosive products increase your warewashing efficiency.

As leading application experts, Chemex can assess your organisation and help you set improvement goals. Our warewashing health check will support you to achieve and maintain the desired cost and efficiency levels.

Our objective is to provide you with high performance solutions that enable an efficient warewashing operation and optimised cost control.

Auto-dosed Detergents

Controlling the dosing of warewashing chemicals ensures a consistent result, avoids waste and eliminates direct handling of chemicals. A range of detergents are available to suit different warewashing types, local water conditions and types of operation. Clean plates every time come from exact dosing of a quality detergent.

For more information on how Chemex can assist you with the smooth running of your business please call on 0121 565 6300 or visit