Dec 9

Hospitality Cleaning

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BACTICLEAN safely cleans and sanitises plastics and all hard surfaces and is particularly effective on body fats, grease and grime. It has a pleasant perfume and has been independently tested to prove its effectiveness against a range of bacteria.

- Removes grime and grease

- Cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces

- Long lasting, pleasant fragrance

- Highly economical in use

This product, available from Chemex is for general-purpose use in all areas. Invaluable in a wide range of businesses including hospitals, schools, universities, colleges and hotels. Particularly effective at removing grime and body fats in bathrooms.

The main uses of this general purpose product is in washrooms, showerooms, bathrooms and communal areas. It is particularly effective with water stains on shower curtains, cleaning grout and ceramic tiles and even for use as a general floor cleaner.

Supplied in concentrate format it is therefore cost effective to use and can be diluted and used with a trigger spray, mop or brush.

Dec 9

Green Cleaning

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Green cleaning refers to environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and hygiene. Green cleaning products are supposed to avoid the use of harmful and toxic chemicals in their production. However, there are very few companies that can really claim to be using green products. More often than not there is an element of marketing hype involved.

Almost all cleaning products are not completely safe. If you are pouring chemicals down your drain, even if the product is derived from natural substances, there is still the risk of pollution or contamination. Quite often producers will advertise their products purely on the basis that they are biodegradable or non toxic. Whilst this is useful information to have it doesn’t necessarily mean much on its own.

Use cleaners that contain phosphates sparingly and remember that although they biodegrade quickly they are not good for rivers and lakes, causing algae to grow much more quickly which in turn blocks sunlight and cuts off the oxygen supply.

A responsible manufacturer will provide information about their products along with the relevant health and safety data. In balancing your environmental consience against effectiveness of the products this is one area where you may come unstuck. Chemicals for commercial cleaning are designed to do the job well. However, by virtue of their very nature chemicals can be nasty substances.

One of the best ways to minimise your impact on the environment is to purchase your chemicals from a local supplier who can advise and assist with your staff training and provide useful assistance with dispensing. You should purchase your chemicals in concentrated form and not in trigger sprays or bottles where they have been watered down. Professional suppliers will generally supply highly concentrated liquids in 5 litre bottles rather than in any other format. All the customer then has to do is add water at the right dilution rates. This is much more environmentally friendly and certainly more cost effective.

Dec 9

Cheap Washing up Liquid

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Do you really want a cheap washing up liquid? Think again.

There are numerous brands of washing up liquid in the UK. They nearly all take the form of a foaming mixture of surfactants which have been specially designed to be kind to your hands.  All are designed for hand washing of your cooking, crockery and cutlery utensils.

Washing up liquids allow the soap to run off the dishes and the soap is harmless and tasteless. Common practice in the UK is to allow soapy dishes to just drip dry although many people prefer to rinse them under running water. A tea towel is another method used to speed up the drying process although tea towels are not necessarily the most hygienic method of drying your dishes.

Buying a cheap washing up liquid is nothing short of false economy. A cheap washing up liquid simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Not only do you end up using excessive quantities just to do the job but it often doesn’t do the job well at all. In the domestic market the consumer always returns to their favourite “fairy” once they have become tired of the cheaper and less efficient brands.

In the commercial market place the washing up liquids tend to be stronger. Again, avoid the cheaper brands that are so diluted as to render them inaffective. Where time and money is important you should invest in the best that you can afford. It will pay dividends in the long run.

Dec 8

Blocked Drains

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A blocked drain is one of the last things you need when you are busy. The cost of calling out plumbers and drainage experts is not something that caterers relish. The disruption caused can be nothing short of a disaster. Additionally, there is the risk of possible fines and prosecution by the local authority.

Bio GD is a product which is a blend of microbes that release a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes into the water flow that help digest and degrade fats and grease.

Using a dosing unit it is introduced into the drainage system using a fully automated pump which makes the application effortless, efficient and effective. The dosing system released Bio GD every night after the catering establishment is closed, thus providing a much reduced risk of blocked drains in addition to elminating odours. It is non hazardous and an obvious solution for drainage maintenance.

Further information on this product can be found at the Chemex website.

Dec 8

Is this a good idea? Can I use ordinary washing up liquid to clean my car?

People do use washing up liquid to clean their cars. However, this is not advisable and any self respecting car valeter would be quick to point out that washing up liquid is specially designed for crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.

Washing up liquid contains sodium chloride which is a salt. This is used to add to the viscosity of the liquid which may also contain amonia. Since we all know that salt and metal does not work well together this is a very good reason why you would not want to use this on your car bodywork. Over time it will damage your paintwork and cause oxidisation.

By contrast, a dedicated car shampoo contains all the right ingredients for that perfect automotive wash. The shampoo will remove salts, get rid of tar and traffic film and general dirt in the way it was designed to specifically for car and vehicle bodywork.

A car or vehicle shampoo will not strip the wax from your car and some high quality shampoos even help to wax your vehicle and leave it with a protective shine.

Dec 8

FAD - Food Degreaser

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This triple action food degreaser is used for cleaning and sanitising food contact areas. Specially designed to remove food and animal fats it is very effective against grease and grime.  The products has been tested and proven against MRSA, Aspergillus niger, E.coli, Listeria sp, Salmonells sp. and Staphylococcus aureus.

Typical customers using this product will include abattoirs,  butchers shops, bakeries, dairies, canning factories, hospitals, schools, universities, colleges, hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, farms and haulage companies.  Also highly effective on marble, terrazzo and most hard surfaces.

This product is non-caustic and non tainting. The results are immediate and last for 24 hours. FAD, which is also a deodoriser , can be used for light or heavy soiling since it is diluted. Used with a pressure washer this is a very effective solution and a market leader in terms of quality and results.

Supplied by West Midlands based Chemex

Dec 8


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This particularly unpleasant virus can manifest itself in restaurants, schools, hospitals, residential homes and a host of other communal establishments. Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for this apart from preventing dehydration in the patient if symptoms are severe.

Norovirus is transmitted from person to person through vomit, dairrhea and contaminated hands or by touching contaminated areas. Food or water can be contaminated with this virus and the illness will cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort. Recovery time is around 2 - 3 days.

Isolation of infected persons can help to contain spread of the virus and the right form of hygienic hand disinfection will also assist. Residential care homes and hospitals need to be very careful to ensure that clothing is washed regularly, disposable gloves are worn by carers and that all personal laundry and bed linen is isolated including special care with cutlery and crockery.

Disinfectant in sanitary areas should be carried out daily in addition to a thorough cleansing of all hard surfaces, equipment and fixtures and fittings.

Generally Norovirus in itself is not life threatening. However, it is particularly unpleasant and every effort should be made to keep this virus away from those who are already ill or the elderly.

Further information can be found on the NHS website.

Dec 8

Smoke Clean

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Are you looking for a powerful carbon remover designed for professional use only? You might try the highly effective Smoke Clean product from Chemex. This is a powerful carbon remover which is designed for professional use only.

This is very effective in dealing with burnt on grease and all types of smoke and carbon deposits. Many similar chemicals take a lot of elbow grease before the job is done. With Smoke Clean it works instantly and is advertised as a heavy duty degreaser and decarboniser.

The product is ideal for busy commercial environments and is used extensively for cleaning ovens and grills.

It is odourless and there are no fumes. Smoke Clean is sprayed onto the area that needs cleaning, normally via a trigger spray. Where heavy soiling occurs it is adviseable to leave it to soak and then wash off with either cold or hot water prior to wiping down.

Although primarily designed for use on ovens, griddles, steel canopies, curing trays and smoke racks, Smoke Clean can also be used for de-carbonising burner units and industrial smoke stacks. It is safe to use on cleaning surfaces and equipment that comes in contact with food. It is not meant to be used on aluminium.

Dec 2

Hand Hygiene

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Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective methods of preventing illness. There are different products available to clean your hands. Everyone has come across a bar of soap but what do hand sanitizers , wipes and foaming hand soaps do? Each has its own benefit and within each product and category there are different fragrances and ingredients.

Bar Soaps - these basically clean the skin by removing dirt and oils. They are the most common form of hand hygiene. Soaps often contain fragrances and sometimes moisturisers.

Hand Sanitisers - These actually kill the germs on your hands and they do this without the need for water or towels.

Liquid Hand Soaps - These usually come designed to be dispensed by dosing equipment. They are a familiar sight in washrooms and large establishments.

Wipes- These wipe dirt from the hands and do not require water or towels.

Antibacterial v non-antibacterial

The soaps and hand sanitizers with antibacterial properties are specially designed to provide added protection in killing germs. Therefore, in food preparation, hospitals and other potentially infectious environments, the use of antibacterial products is important.

Hand sanitizers are often not very effective for removing dirt so whilst they might manage to kill germs on the hands they are often a poor substitute for soap and water.

Particularly when using commercial cleaning products you should refer to the instructions for use. The right dilution rates and dispensing equipment is a major factor in their effectiveness.