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20th & 21st March 2009
Discover how to become your own boss at The British & International Franchise Exhibition this March. Get your free entry to the show using the Chemex promotion code: CX1 on offer at www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/

Franchising is a business model that enables you to become your own boss, but with the support of an established business and brand. Visit The British & International Franchise Exhibition at Olympia London on 20 & 21 March and discover a franchise show with exhibitors from a range of franchised businesses, each offering you the chance to transform your career and run your own business.

Receive genuine franchise advice

As the ONLY franchise exhibition whose exhibitors are all British Franchise Association (bfa) approved franchises, you can be sure that the franchise opportunities, franchise advice and business guidance you receive from our exhibitors meet the bfa’s standard.

This means that every exhibitor at this London Franchise Show is supported and approved by an independent self-regulating governing body for franchising.

Is this the franchise show for me?

Visit The British & International Franchise Exhibition and you will:

* Find hundreds of ways to transform your life and career
* Discover a range of franchises in different industries, all of which are bfa-approved
* Get reliable and genuine franchise advice
* Find out how to raise finance even in a challenging economy
* Speak to successful franchisees directly

For more information please visit: www.franchiseinfo.co.uk/

Feb 9

Environmental Issues

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Articles in the press recently have highlighted the impact of sending cleaning and hygiene products half way around the globe. Since many of these products contain mainly water, it is clearly unacceptable to continue exporting in this way. Firms are now looking at how they use water and assessing the impact on the environment.

Clearly the answer must lie in shipping concentrated products with water being added in the destination country. There will always be a market for high quality cleaning products that have a strong brand name and which are often better than those produced in the country to which they are being sent. However, more and more manufacterers are looking to set up plants locally in the host country rather than continue to ship high volumes of coloured bottled water!

Concentrated chemical products shipped in large plastic tubs or drums for bottling locally mean much less packaging and fewer carbon emissions. Less space is needed which in itself results in reduced fuel charges and again, lower emissions.

You could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is jumping on the band wagon. Yes, it is true, companies like to be seen as environmentally friendly. However, this is good news for the consumer.

Concentrated cleaning products mean a reduction in the transportation of water, less physical work in their movement in and out of storage, and more storage space released for other goods. It is a win win situation for the end user.

Chemex have been shipping concentrates overseas for years. Even in the UK we only deal with concentrated cleaning and hygiene products. Once delivered the customer just adds water.

Dec 15

Altro Floor Cleaning

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Altro flooring is a hygienic non slip floor surface. You will find this type of surface in many quality establishments. It is easy to clean and very hygienic and a favourite of environmental health officers.

Altro floors are known for their safe and easy to clean qualities. They are also highly resistant to chemicals and bacteria and additionally they meet EU directives on health and hygiene. These floors are hard wearing and slip resistant. Although the surface appears smooth it offers an extremely high level of slip resistance when walked upon.

A combination of plastic vinyl and aluminium oxide grains, it is reinforced with glass fibre. It is slip resistant even when wet. Since the floors are heat welded when fitted they can appear seamless.

It is important to choose the right chemical products when cleaning this type of floor. Certain abrasive substances can cause damage to vinyl and should be avoided. Altro floors are reported to inhibit Staphylococcus Aureus ( MRSA ) and therefore extremely beneficial in any health care environment or residential homes.

Nov 21

Hardwood Floorcare

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How to Keep Your Hardwood Floor at Its Best   by David H. Urmann

There are different ways of keeping your hardwood floors on its tiptop shape. Maintaining the original condition of your floor can prevent you from experiencing future problems.Having hardwood floors has always been nice. It makes us feel closer to the nature. It makes our house look more elegant and rich. And more importantly, it gives our house a homey feel. Most people think that having this kind of floor is hard to maintain. Fortunately, it’s untrue! Simple maintenance is required.

The condition and lifespan of your floor depends on how you take care of it. Few things must be taken into considerations in taking care of your hardwood floors. Different wood finish requires different kind of care. However, there are also some general ways of taking care of your hardwood floors:

* Keep your hardwood floor dry. Never let spills or any kind of fluid sit on your hardwood floor. This can cause warping on your floor. When spills occur, make sure to wipe it off right away with soft cloth. Never use dripping rugs or even damp rugs on your floor. Wet rugs can cause dullness and discoloration on your hardwood floors.

* Keep your hardwood floors away from too much sun exposure. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage to any organic material. This can make the color of your floor lose its original color. It is best to use curtains or blinds to keep sunlight from getting through your house.

* You should place fabric or any felt materials under the leg of your furniture to avoid scratching your hardwood floor. Lifting furniture when moving them can also avoid scratches on floor surfaces.

Walking on hardwood floors with your shoes on can also damage your floor. Make sure that your shoes don’t have rocks or anything stuck on their soles that can scratch your floor. To keep this from happening, place doormats on your entrance so any abrasive things can be dusted off upon entering your house. High-heeled shoes can also abrade hardwood floors.

Keeping your floor clean, dust and grit free can prolong the life of your hardwood floors. Simple cleaning can do your floor wonders. You can use soft bristled brooms in sweeping your floor. Brooms with fine, exploded ends can effectively trap dusts and grits. These dusts and grits can ruin your floor finish. They can roughen your floor.

Vacuums can be also used to provide a specially made attachment for wooden floors. Never use vacuums with beater bars for it can cause dents on the floor. A vacuum with a brush attachment would be better.

Experts say that damp mopping is the best way to clean your hardwood floors. Water or any kind of cleaning agents will not harm your new hardwood floors unless the finish has already worn off. Make sure that your mop is damp and not wet. Mopping can be done as often as once a week.

Waxing your hardwood floor is also one way of protecting it. It can make your wood floor new again. Buff your floor after applying a wax to make it luster. Wax can protect your old hardwood floor especially if the finish has already worn off and you don’t have plans of having it refinish right away. Wax on floor can be easily removed by damp mopping. Just reapply the wax to make your floor looking like new again.

Different floor care products are now available in the market. However, not all are safe to use. Oil-based cleansers can cause permanent damage to your wood floors. Oil particles can build up on the surface of your floor. Water-based cleansers are safer for use on wood floors. To be sure of the kind of care or products to use on your hardwood floors, you must always check with manufacturer.

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Nov 21

Granite Floors

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Granite Tile Floors Dos and Don’ts   by yangxp

The production of granite has been millions of years in the making, made by the greatest manufacturer there is - the earth itself. Granite tile and slabs are both a decorative and practical choice, making your choice of granite both a stylish and smart one indeed! Due to its hardness, its resistance to heat and other forms of stress, as well as the versatility which is offered by granite tile, you are making an investment that will add value to your property and one which will be the source of a tremendous pride of ownership.Here are a few things to think about when you are considering granite tile for your project:


1. Consider the area where you intend to install granite tile. Make sure that factors such as moisture levels, foot traffic, and slip resistance are carefully considered.

2. Read all warranty information before purchase

3. Look into hiring a flooring tile professional to help you as working with granite can be very strenuous, due to its weight particularly. When in doubt, it’s always best to get experienced help

4. Inspect the whole batch before beginning an installation for possible breakage and any other issues, and consult your terms and conditions as to how to see about compensation, if any.

5. Expect color variations in your batch of granite tile. Remember, granite is a natural material. Use these natural color variations found in your batch to your advantage. Get as creative with your layout as you can.

6. Lay out all of your granite tiles in a dry run before applying mortar or other chosen adhesive agent.

7. Choose a sealant that best suits your choice in granite tile. Ask your sales rep or flooring professional about specific varieties and brand names.

8. Initiate a cleaning and maintenance regimen; choose the appropriate cleaners and polishes based on experienced advice in order to make sure your granite tile retains all of its natural beauty.


1. Install granite tile on an uneven, dirty or wet subfloor.

2. Leave spills to sit on your granite tile flooring or countertops.

3. Allow dirt and grit to remain on the surface of your granite tile. These elements can affect the finish over time and take away from the natural beauty of granite.

4. Use acid-based cleaners or other agents on your granite tile.

5. Forget to thoroughly rinse your granite tile once you’ve used a recommended cleaner, or forget to change dirty water or solution which you are using to clean the tile.

6. Use scouring powders, steel wool, or other abrasive materials to remove stains from your granite tile.

One of the best courses of action to take to ensure that granite tile is the right choice for flooring or countertop solution is to consult with the experts. This way, you are benefiting from years of experience, which will allow you to avoid costly mistakes. It will also help to make sure that your granite tile will be as attractive and long lasting as it is meant to be with you as its best ally!

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